Lockup Music Publishing is a Limited Company of England and Wales.

Lockup Music Publishing Limited is a music publishing and song writing company based in East Anglia, England. We publish music for recording by charting artists and also we commonly act as non-exclusive agents for unsigned or previously unpublished songwriters.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not normally provide performing artist management. However, if you an unsigned Singer/Songwriter with acoustic influences in the Cambridge area then please get in touch because we are currently offering some deals.

Before we promote any material, we require a signed warranties and releases form from the originators on our files. These state the date of composition and that the material is original and warrant the full ownership of all copyrights embodied in the material. A flexible, online release system is being implemented for those with Lockup Online accounts.

This documentation also allows Lockup Music Publishing to use specific track or tracks written and recorded by the writer/artist in any way that Lockup Music Publishing feel is beneficial for the promotion of the writer/artist and their music. This document is 'non-exclusive', allowing the artist/writer to pursue their careers, without interference from Lockup Music Publishing, as the artist/writer sees fit. At the point whereby Lockup Music Publishing entertain a 'third party' whose interest is with the artist/writer or interest is in a specific track or tracks then a seperate and specific Agency Contract is drawn up between Lockup Music Publishing and the artist/writer at that time.

All agreements accord with normal industry practice and are passed by the UK or USA Musician's Union's. Please contact us if you wish to see a draft or discuss royalty rates.