Mixerton ST is a small audio design consultancy specialising in electronic and digital design for specialist and pro-audio applications. Our speciality is prototypes and one offs. We have partners who can help with low-volume custom production runs.

Mixerton has operated for more 20 years and has completed tens of projects. Our customers include Audio Marketing Group, Healing Healthcare, Hz International, British Telecom, Technical Products Inc and Kappa Instruments.

We are specialists at audio effects units, SP-DIF, midi triggering and small microprocessor systems.

Also there are some now quite old resources here:

  • Newmew digital audio tools and test discs: Newmew Pro Audio.

  • Mauritio online test sounds and tones as wav files: Mauritio Mixertones.

  • Anomometric Instruments (Anomally Sensors and Analysers).

  • Mixerton Technical Articles.

  • PC Machine Code Monitors.