Newmew Audio Test Discs

We offer the following NewMew audio test discs:

  • Tony test disc: Contains a wide range of audio tones and coloured noises

  • Maurice test disc: Contains forty copies of a 40 second symphonic track, each with different amounts of noise and harmonic distorion added.

  • Custom test disc: We will prepare a version of the Maurice disc for you based on your own 40 second sample.

    People are sometimes suprised to find that we ship our standard discs in CD-R form rather than pressed. However, we are happy to assure you that, immediately after burning, the contents of each disk are fully checked with the Newmew Burnval advanced CD-R audit program, that checks that every sector, sector check and subcode bit is intact and correct. Certain web sites will insist that a CD-R can never sound as good as a pressed disc, and that using different brands of CD-R can alter the tone of the music: they are wrong (see our jitter article).

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